Stone Care Blog

1903, 2015

Removing Moss & Mildew from Stone Surfaces

Favorable environmental conditions may encourage mold or mildew to grow on many interior and exterior surfaces, such as:
– Natural stones
– elevated balcony decks
– horizontal brick or concrete surfaces, such as patios, walks, driveways and decks around swimming pools
– and other substrates, as well as interior walls of buildings.

HMK® R160 is a ready to use […]

2402, 2015

Removal of oil or wax from stone tiles

Candle drips, packaging residue, beauty regimens gone awry and spills from canning and other kitchen activities that require wax can all result in unsightly wax or oil residue on the surfaces in your home. The pigments in wax, and its tendency to attract dirt can result in tricky combination stains particularly if not treated promptly.

Natural […]

1801, 2015

Marble Surface Cleaning

Marble is a beautiful but vulnerable natural stone surface. It is a soft stone susceptible to stains and damage. It is a beautiful investment that you should protect by carefully choosing your cleaning products and methods to make sure you do not cause any damage.

To help prevent staining, marble surfaces are often coated with protective […]

701, 2015

Ceramic / Porcelain Tile Maintenance

The popularity of natural stone floors, counter-tops, and ceramic tile floors continues to grow each year. These beautiful surfaces can be expensive, and it is important to understand the proper sealing and cleaning procedures needed to protect your investment and avoid damaging the surface.

It is also important to use the proper cleaning products on […]