Candle drips, packaging residue, beauty regimens gone awry and spills from canning and other kitchen activities that require wax can all result in unsightly wax or oil residue on the surfaces in your home. The pigments in wax, and its tendency to attract dirt can result in tricky combination stains particularly if not treated promptly.

Natural stone counter-tops like granite may be heat resistant, but often the sealants applied to keep them looking glossy and resistant to oil and water are less so. Prolonged exposure to heat can result in dulling and discoloration in a large area. The advantage to a well-sealed counter-top is that it provides a smoother surface that’s easier to chip the wax away from.

Introducing HMK® R152, an active cleaning paste/poultice that removes oil, wax and grease stains as well as silicone smears and mineral deposits from all natural and artificial stones, ceramic, porcelain and concrete surfaces. HMK® R152 also removes dirt and stains from tile edges caused by the application of unsuitable silicone sealers and grout or mastic sealers. The poultice penetrates up to 2 cm in depth and is safe for use on polished and fine honed surfaces.