Effective January 1, 2015, the HMK® Moeller Stone Care product line is in the process of changing from 2-digit product numbers to a 3-digit numbering system. We have found this to be more helpful in guiding our clients and this system will also allow us to continue adding more products as they are developed, in an easier to understand format:

  1. All intensive Cleaners, used prior to sealing, will begin with the number 1. For instance HMK® R55 is now R155.
  2. All Protection products, sealers and impregnators will begin with the number 2; HMK® S34, will now be S234.
  3. All Maintenance cleaning products, polishes and preservers will begin with the number 3; HMK® P24, will now be P324

Products developed for use by Professionals only, will begin with the number 7 (i.e. R777).

The formulation for all products remains the same. Developed in Europe where natural stone has been used for thousands of years and manufactured in Germany for the past 40 years, we are proud to have the most complete stone care line available in the world.