HMK® Offers Products For All Natural & Cast Stone Surfaces

Over 60 specialty products, designed to maintain the natural beauty of stone, tile and pavers.
Unlike other products, which were initially designed for ceramics and later modified to accommodate natural stone, the HMK® system was specifically developed for natural stone and marble.

Effective January 1, 2015, the HMK® Moeller Stone Care product line is in the process of changing from 2 digit product numbers to a 3-digit numbering system. We have found this to be more helpful in guiding our clients and this system will also allow us to continue adding more products as they are developed, in an easier to understand format ( more)


HMK® Cleaning Products

Cleaning products for all natural and cast stone, agglomerate, and ceramic tile, regardless of surface finish.
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These products begin with Step #1, i.e. R155


HMK® Protection Products

Surface protection products such as wax, paraffin oils, silicone, silane/siloxane base impregnators, sealers and hardeners.
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These products begin with the Step #2, i.e. S234


HMK® Maintenance Products

Stone care maintenance products, polishing and preserving natural & cast stone, cleaners & stain removers.
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These products begin with the Step #3, i.e P324

HMK® Is All About The Environment!

Your stone surface deserves the royal treatment and you take pride in preserving its natural beauty, but harsh chemicals used to protect stone can be harmful to the environment. Do your part to protect the environment and take advantage of the HMK® Green Line.

HMK® green products are biodegradable, voc compliant, and free of harsh solvents that deplete the ozone. Every HMK® product is meticulously formulated in our German factory in an effort to provide our customers with the highest quality product available worldwide. Go green with HMK® – preserve your stone surfaces and the environment around you.

Go Green with HMK®