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A Switch We Don’t Regret

We have been in the cleaning industry for over 35 years owning retail vacuum stores. When our most valued stone chemical vendor decided to no longer make products for stone surfaces, we were forced to find a replacement. We did our research and decided to start carrying Moeller Stone products. This company had all the solutions for stone cleaning, protection and maintenance. Their products were actually better than the ones we had been trusting for years. We are so glad to have come across HMK products. Fast forward a few years, we were asked to be the importer for the USA, and could not say no to an opportunity to help expand this brand in the USA.

Our Stone Care Products

The original formula, no need to improve on perfection. Over 40 years of excellence in the stone surface industry.

Stone Care Cleaning Products

Stone Care: Cleaning

Professional liquid stripper/stain remover for all mineral, porcelain/ceramic tile surfaces.

Stone Care Protection Products

Stone Care: Protection

A modified wax that produces a highly protective finish for all types of unglazed terra cotta…

Stone Care Maintenance Products

Stone Care: Maintenance

High quality products designed for the care of your natural stone, artificial stone, and ceramic products.

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HMK Environmentally Friendly Products

HMK® Is All About The Environment!

Your stone surface deserves the royal treatment and you take pride in preserving its natural beauty. However, harsh chemicals used to protect stone can be harmful to the environment. Do your part to protect the environment and take advantage of the HMK® Green Line.

HMK® green products are biodegradable, voc compliant, and free of harsh solvents that deplete the ozone. Every HMK® product is meticulously formulated in our German factory. This is to provide our customers with the highest quality product available worldwide. Go green with HMK® – preserve your stone surfaces and the environment around you.