High quality products designed to protect your natural stone, artificial stone, and ceramic products. With our selection of impregnators, sealers, and enhancers: we can keep your stones looking new for years to come! Don’t delay, protect your stone surfaces today!

Protecting with Sealers and Enhancers

Protecting with Sealers and Enhancers Video


Protecting with Sealers and Enhancers Instructions

Impregnating your natural stones protects it against dirt, assists in stain removal, and facilitates regular cleaning and maintenance.

Important: Before Starting…

  • Make sure the surface is dry and clean
  • Under-floor heating is switched off
  • Test in an inconspicuous place to determine suitability

Step 1: Preparation

  • Ensure all tools and equipment are clean
  • Pour some of the treatment into a working container

Step 2: Apply the impregnator

  • Apply evenly
  • Criss-Cross the brushstrokes, apply in one direction and spread in the other
  • Special application brushes are recommended for large areas

Step 3: Removing the excess

  • Remove all of the excess impregnator
  • Already dried excess can be re-liquified with a little more of the treatment
  • A rubber squeegee is recommended for large areas

Step 4: Wipe the Surface

  • Wipe thoroughly with an uncolored towel until all residue is removed
  • A clean flat-head mop is recommended for large areas

Step 5: Leave it to dry

  • Allow sufficient time for it to dry thoroughly
  • Protect from moisture and avoid using the surface
  • Check the label to see when the full protection will commence

We wish you luck!