The following stains may be removed with HMK® Specialty Products. Most stains will be removed after one application; however, some stains may require a second or third application. HMK® R154 Stain Remover will be most effective in conjunction with a poultice.

1) Always test product and procedure first in an inconspicuous area.
2) Follow directions carefully.
3) Stain removal is best left to a professional; please call HMK® for a referral in your area.

* Do not use on surfaces sensitive to acid.

Acne Creams R155
Adhesive R154 / R152
Algae R160
Aluminum R163*
Asphalt  R154 / R152
Beer R155
Beet R155
Bitumen R154 / R152
Bleach P727*
Blood R155
Blueberries R155
Butter R155
Candle Wax R154 / R152
Candy R154 / R152
Carbon Black R155
Carpet Glue R154 / R152
Cement Residue R155 / R163*
Chocolate R155
Coffee R155
Copper R155
Diesel Fuel R154 / R152
Dispersing Agent R155
Efflorescence R165
Egg R155
Fats R154 / R152
Fruit Etch Marks P727* / P729*
Floor Polish:  
– Water Base R155
– Solvent Base R154 / R152
Grass R155 / R160
Grease R154 / R152
Glue R154 / R152
Gum R154 / R152
Hard Water R175*
Heel Marks R154 / R152
Ice Cream R155
Incrustation R163*
Ink R154 / R152
Jam R155
Leaves R160
Lime R163*
Linseed Oil R154 / R152
Lipstick R154 / R152
Liquor R154 / R152
Lotion R155 / R154
Lubricating Grease R154 / R152
Make up R154/ R152
Mildew R160
Milk R155
Moss R160
Mortar Grout R163*
Mud R155
Mustard R155
Nail Polishes R154 / R152
Oil R154 / R152
Paint R154 / R152
Paint R155 / R152
Pencil Marks R155 / R154 / R152
Perspiration R152
Plant Stains R160
Resin R155 / R154 / R152
Roofing Board Tar R154 / R152
Rubbermarks R154 / R152
Rust R179 / R777
Sealants R152
Sealers R152
Shoe Polish R154 / R152
Silicone R152
Silicone Grout R152
Smoke R155 / R154 / R152
Soap Film R155
Soft Drinks R155 / R152
Soot R155 / R154 / R152
Soup R155 / R152
Tar R154 / R152
Tomato Sauce R155 / R154 / R152
Toner R150*
Urine R159*
Varnish R154 / R152
Vegetable Oil R154 / R152
Wax R154 / R152
Wine (Red) R155
Wine (White) R155
Wine Etch Marks P727* / P729*
Wood Stain R154 / R152