The Green Line

All aboard the green line! Your stone surface deserves the royal treatment, and you take pride in preserving its natural beauty. However, harsh chemicals used to protect stone can be harmful to the environment. Do your part to protect the environment and take advantage of the HMK® Green Line.

Go Green with HMK®

HMK® green products are biodegradable, voc compliant, and free of harsh solvents that deplete the ozone layer. Every HMK® product is meticulously formulated in our German factory in an effort to provide our customers with the highest quality product available worldwide. Go green with HMK® – preserve your stone surfaces and the environment around you.

LEED Project Approved

A LEED specified project requires that developers construct a building that uses land, water, energy and material resources appropriately. The use of HMK® Green Line products can help you earn LEED credits under the recycled content (2.2) and low emitting materials (2.4) categories of the LEED 2008 Master Spec Guide.