HMK® P301 3 in 1 Spray Cleaner – Clean-Polish-Protect


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Cleans, polishes and protects in one action. Suitable for use in food preparation areas. Easy to use — Just spray and wipe!

HMK® P301 is an effective ready to use product for daily maintenance of kitchen countertops, tables, vanity tops, window sills, etc. Suitable for use on all natural and man-made stones, HMK® P301 is an exceptional product for quick and effortless removal of light dirt and grease, and maintains the natural appearance of surfaces with minimal enrichment of the color and structure of the surface. HMK® P301 has a pleasant fresh fragrance and has been tested and approved for use in food preparation areas. Special ingredients support the protection already provided by the HMK® impregnators S232, S234, S242 and 244. Vapors are non-hazardous.

Instructions: Shake well before use. Spray HMK® P301 evenly onto the dry surface. Allow a short period of time (approx. 1-3 minutes) for the product to become effective then wipe or buff the area with a soft cloth or paper towel. When the surface is dry, buff with a dry cloth to bring up the polish.

Important: Do not apply in direct sunlight. Do not spray onto hot objects.


Unit Size : 1/2 Liter spray

Unit / Case : 12

Coverage (per unit): 300 sq ft

Warning: Chemical product. Contains auxiliary materials and aroma enhancers. Avoid eye and skin contact. If exposed, flush/wash with water. Keep out of reach of children. See Material Safety Data Sheet for more detailed information. Do not use the product in temperatures below 50°F or above 80°F.

Packaging: 12 x .5L spray bottles per box.

Storage: Store in a cool place. Do not allow product to freeze.

Testing: Always test the product in an inconspicuous area to evaluate suitability, coverage and performance.

Limitation of liability: The liability of HMK® Moeller Stone Care and/or HMK Stone Care, Inc for defective products and any claims for damages whatsoever is limited to the purchase price of the products. HMK® Moeller Stone Care and/or HMK Stone Care, Inc shall not be liable for any consequential damages. No other warranty or representation is made or implied.

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