HMK® Z702 Defoamer 1/2 liter


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For use with HMK® R155 Intensive Cleaner


This product should be used to prevent foaming in wet vacs and automated scrubber tanks when working with HMK® R55 Intensive Cleaner/Grout Film Remover.


Add 1/2 teaspoon of Defoamer to a 10.5qt., 10 liter capacity wet-vac (dilution of 1:4,000). If foam reduction is insufficient add a little more Defoamer.

Description : DEFOAMER

Unit Size : 1/2 Liter

Unit / Case : 25

Coverage (per unit): 550 liters / 1-liter of defoamer


Chemical product. Keep out of reach of children. Keep from freezing. See Material Safety Data Sheet.


1/2 liter can (17 oz.) 20 per case.


Store in a cool place.


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